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Time to Wrap It Up

When you’re in a hurry and need a quick way to wrap that gift, 3 "ingredients" is all you need. Perfect for party favors too!
Prep Time10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Keyword: Gift wrap
Author: Debbie


  • 1 12" or 8-½" x 11" * piece of cardstock, patterned or solid
  • 1 double sided tape or papercrafting tape runner
  • 1 piece twine or ribbon


  • Center the gift on top of the cardstock. If it's a patterned paper, you want the gift against the "wrong" side of the paper. If it's a double sided patterned paper, make sure that the side you like best is down, against the table. *See Gr8 tip below.
  • Pull the 2 long sides up, making sure the ends overlap about ½". Keeping a good amount of space above the gift item. You don't want it to be snug.
  • Remove the gift.
  • With your adhesive (double sided tape or tape runner) run the tape just against one side of the long edge of the paper.
  • Connect the adhesive side against the other long end creating tube, making sure not to press or crease the paper. The patterned side you chose should be on the outside of the "tube".
  • Using the double sided adhesive, run a strip of tape inside the short end edge of the tube, closing one end like a pouch.
  • Wrap the gift item in some tissue, if necessary, and place it inside of the "pouch."
  • Here's where the gift wrap takes its cute shape. Pinch the other end, creating  like a "pillow" shape, don't crease it anywhere. 
  • Let go and now pinch it in the other direction. Add a strip of the double adhesive inside the area of that last pinched end. Voilà! 


Gr8 ideas:
Here are a few embellishment ideas that will add a little something extra to the fun! Bakers twine (cute 2 tone colors), ribbon, fringe trim, tassels, metal embellishments, washi tape, die cut shapes/tags, etc.
All of these are available in the papercrafting aisles at your local craft and hobby stores.
Great tip:
For those larger gifts, most craft and hobby stores have some really cute patterned (one side) sturdy poster size papers. How fun would that be!!
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