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Valentine Heart craft
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A Heart Full of Love

Author: Debbie



  • Fold the 6” x 12” piece of card stock in half, short side up to create a 6” x 6” folded piece of paper.
  • With folded edge closet to you, fold it up again by ¼” or so.
    Valentine craft
  • If using a Sizzix Bigz heart die or a heart shape to trace from, place the folded portion closest to you. (*If using the Sizzix Big Shot see below.)
  • Before tracing, place the heart shape to trace from on top of the folded paper (heart point at bottom).
  • Slide the heart shape down about ⅓ inch. The point of the heart should be hanging off of the fold. Peek ahead to the photo after Step 6, there is no heart point. The reason for this is to save your folds and not cut 2 individual hearts.
  • Trace and cut out your heart.
    Valentine craft
  • Open up the heart. You will see 3 crease lines in the center connected area of the heart.
  • Pinch up the center score line to create a “mountain” in the middle.
    Valentine craft
  • Fill your treat bag with love and goodness. Tie to close with twine.
  • Place the pouch of treats inside the heart.
    Valentine Heart craft
  • Close the top of heart with adhesive.
    Valentine Heart craft
  • Embellish front with stickers, die cuts or rubber stamp images.
  • Finish it off with a ribbon or more twine. Adhere ribbon/bow to the top.


Gr8 Note:
*If using the Sizzix Big Shot machine, place the Bigz Heart Die on the cutting pad, bottom of the heart closest to you, blade side up. Place the folded paper on top of the blades, with the folded edge closest to you. Slide the paper up about ⅓” inch exposing the heart point of the blade at the bottom. The reason for this is, you want to “save” your folds. If you don’t see a portion of the blades showing, you will just cut 2 complete hearts.
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